Getting Started
The following is recommended to get up and running quickly:


Important tips for starters

Represent your data in Documents

MOBBL Documents are fast, flexible and provide a range of services out of the box. They include validation, sorting, difference calculation and deep copy.

POJO's are evil

Every Plain Old Java Object (POJO) class you write to represent data will have to be re-written on other platforms. Furthermore you will have to implement all supporting services yourself. Stay away from handwritten data objects. They are a path towards the dark side. Check our the sample apps for examples of using MOBBL Documents.


To use MOBBL and its dependency libraries for your Mobile Website development you will need

Using Mobbl

Get the code

These are the steps you need to take, if you want to use the Mobbl products for your own project:

  1. Get the following projects from Github
  2. Build itude-mobile-web-util and itude-mobile-web-mobbl with Maven (mvn clean install)
  3. Import the projects in Eclipse
  4. Include the LICENSE file in your project
  5. Change/add Maven settings in your project pom.xml
    • Add dependency: web-util-lib
    • Add dependency: mobbl-core-lib:
    • Include ItudeMobile Repo
              <name>ItudeMobile Github repository</name>

Sample apps

Sample apps are available here:

Additional documentation

Further documentation available are: